Double-contrôleur 24 HDD Slots réseau Périphérique de stockage

Double-contrôleur 24 HDD Slots réseau Périphérique de stockage

UGS : DS-A82024D Catégorie :


Record & Playback IPSAN:256-ch (2Mbps) CVR:448-ch (2Mbps)
Processor Double Controller (64 BIT Multi-core Processor)
Memory 4GB per Controller (Can be extended to 8G)
Disk Amount 24, It Supports at most 96 Disks
Disk Interface SAS/1TB、2TB、3TB、4TB(SSD is optional)
Hot Plug Disk Supports
RAID Level RAID0、1、3、5、6、10、50、JBOD、Hot-Spare
Disk Management Disk Detection Alert & Repair
Data Interface 4kilomega Ethernet Port per Controller, Can Be Extended to 4*GE or 2*10GE or Extend 4*8G
FC Interface
Management Interface 1 kilomega Ethernet Port per Controller
SAS Extension Interface Supported
COM Interface UPS 2 USB Interfaces per Controller, 1 for HyperTerminal, 1 for Circumscribed Mobile
USB Interface 2 USB Interfaces per Controller
Power Interface Redundant Power Source (1+1)
(with HDD or DVD-R/W)
Working Consumption: ≤ 380W
Rating Power Consumption: ≤1050W
Environment Temperature Working:5 ºC~40 ºC Storing: -20 ºC~70 ºC


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